Cyrdak Drokkus

This larger-than-life man is the owner and sole financier of the Sandpoint Theater.


Cyrdak is a courageous and emotional middle-aged man (39) with tanned skin, blue eyes and blond hair swept over his right eye. He has a great interest in art and all things artistic. He is a good actor and regularly carries his lire with him everywhere he goes, in case the muse should strike. He speaks in an overly dramatic fashion, and tries to promote his theater’s latest production in Sandpoint whenever possible.

The weekend productions are often specially arranged by Cyrdak using his contacts in Magnimar to bring the best acts possible to Sandpoint.

He is very vague about his background, admitted only to having spent “some time” in Magnimar before coming to Sandpoint.

Cyrdak Drokkus

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