Ruslan Weatherton

Ship Wizard of The Broken Mast. Friend to Storm Windham


Older, but cut looking man. Hardened by life, and the sea, he wears his experiences like a badge and is not afraid to verbally abuse anyone he thinks deserves it.


Ruslan Weatherton trained in a land far away from Varisia. Sailing was always a part of his life, as was the mystical arts. By chance, his path would cross with Storm Windham and the two would become fast friends, working together on the Varisian coast.

Most details about his past are unclear, and any attempts to get him to talk about it are quickly quashed by him. He will usually take on a sour demeanor and skulk away. Most that know him rumor that he may have lost a loved one or two, or that he has been running away from something that he fears will find and catch up with him if he talks about it.

Ruslan Weatherton

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