Storm Windham

Local Sea Trader (pirate) based in Sandpoint. Father of Jet A'dore


A dashing man, who over the years and through battle lost the use of his left eye (now covered in a patch). He is kind, but not unwilling to break a law or two to get what needs to be done accomplished.


Storm was originally born in Magnimar where he was raised mostly in the streets by thieving, uncaring parents. By the age of 14 he stowed away on his first ship only to find that it was manned by a group of pirates. Once found, he pleaded for them to keep him alive and over the years he learned the trade of the seas. At some point he outgrew his old crew and with his collected earnings attained his own ship and crew. He found a wife and had a child, who he raised on the sea in the ways of pirating. Currently, he runs his ship up and down the Western Varisian Coast from Gruankus to Korvosa.


On the road

Storm Windham

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