Ivory Cat

A small Ivory figurine of a Cat


This small statue is a Figurine of Wonderous Power.

For 8hrs a day whomever says the keyword can summon a Firepelt Cougar large enough to serve as a mount for a small character. The cougar has a landspeed of 40’ and 20hp AC 19. If it is killed it cannot be resummoned for 24hrs. It regains HP at the rate of 1 per hour, while not summoned. It is immune to mind effecting powers, and obeys whoever calls it only.

It cannot be made to attack, although it can be used as a mount for the purpose of a charge.

The Ivory Cat is a unique magical item, created as a mount for a young princess centuries ago. As she grew older an unable to ride it, it became a companion that would go on walks with her. It was lost to antiquity many many years ago.

Ivory Cat

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