Magnamar Letter of Marque


Magnamar Letter of Marque

A contractual party under this contract, such as the Enemy Parties, The Issuing Party, or the Sandpoint Adventuring Company, is taken to mean that party, their officers and individuals, followers, servants, slaves, gods, allies or fellow travelers, and mercenaries in their pay, any individuals or creatures, spirits, constructs, or undead under their direct mental control, or that have been summoned by them or that is their property; hereafter referred to in aggregate in this contract as each party named above.

Contract shall be defined as any legally acquired Job, contract or bounty. The Issuing party shall be defined as the government of Magnamar. Enemy Parties shall be defined as groups in opposition or the target of a contract.

The Issuing Party hereby gives and grants to the Sandpoint Adventuring Company the lawful right and the full power and authority to kill, slay, dispel, dismiss, apprehend, seize, or take into custody the Enemy Parties, as well as all personal property, money, goods and wares, that shall be found with them, without let or hindrance, interference, or stigma by the Issuing Party, on pain of the Issuing Party being declared an Enemy Party under this contract.
All personal property, money, goods and wares seized under this contract shall become the property of the Officers of the Sandpoint Adventuring Company without diminution by any agency mortal or divine.

The Issuing Party hereby grants the Officers of the Sandpoint Adventuring company the lawful right to seize real property, mining rights, or farmland, above or below ground upon any plane, in the name of the Issuing party, provided that this property in any way aids or advantages the Enemy Parties. The Issuing Party also grants the officers and individuals of the Sandpoint Adventuring Company the right of first refusal on the further sales of any such property, on pain of being declared an Enemy Party under this contract.

The Officer(s) of the Sandpoint Adventuring Company hereby accepts the responsibility to inform the Issuing Party of all information or property found or seized under this contract, and their contents and value, and all Enemy Parties slain etc., under this contract on pain of fine.
The Issuing Party hereby indemnifies the Sandpoint Adventuring Company from all accidental and unavoidable damage or deaths caused by their actions during the execution of the actions specified and permitted by this contract, now and in future, above or below ground, upon any plane, even unto the end of time, for the duration of this letter of marque.

The Sandpoint Adventuring Company and the Issuing Party hereby guarantees the safety, health, and confidentiality of the individuals that comprise the other party and their property and to liberate, advice, and protect them from persecution to the best of their ability wherever they may be found(but may demand additional compensation of no more than 15% over market value in the case of training or medical services exceeding those named in this contract), except as named above, on pain on being declared an Enemy Party under this contract on pain of that agency or party being declared an Enemy Party under this contract.

The Sandpoint Adventuring Company being inherently a transnational military entity, The Sandpoint Adventuring Company considers Arbitration and Enforcement of the clauses and provisions of this contract to be the inherent responsibility of the party of Abadar and no other, and The Issuing Party and The Sandpoint Adventuring Company hereby admit or guarantee no possibility of any other attempt or employment of any other source of Arbitration, Compensation, Justice, or Retribution than Officers specifically appointed for that case by the party of Abadar.


Magnamar Letter of Marque

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