Core Rulebook
    Advanced Players Guide(No Summoner)
    Adventurer’s Armory

Special Rules:

Characters who play a non-spellcasting class gain a leveling bonus of 20%. When spellcasters are at 5th they will be at 6th, 10th—→12th 15th—→18th This is to make nonspellcasters relevant at higher levels, where high level casters tend to dominate. A special XP table will be created for them to facilitate this.

All Other Characters will advance on the Medium XP Table.

Characters will be created using High Fantasy pointbuy. (20 points)

All Characters will start at 1st level. And must have a background which explains why they are in Sandpoint. This is for the start of the game, after the start this will change.

The Rise of the RuneLords players manual provides Important regional information.

All Players may take 1 Character trait for free from the APG chapter 8, they can buy more with feats

All characters get MAX HP until Level 8, after which they roll as normal, rerolling ones


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