The Way North

The Way North originally served the community of Sandpoint as a stable, though after being rebuilt following the Late Unpleasantness it was re-purposed by its owner, Veznutt Parooh. The building now acts as a library; a large and varied collection of maps and nautical charts can be found within the structure’s walls.

A sizable quantity of the materials found within the walls of The Way North are available for purchase, and Parooh can often be found at work preparing copies of additional pieces for public sale.

Veznutt is quite willing to trade maps, travel logs, or other books for items of equal value rather than transact in coin. His house has a spare bedroom in the attic, which he makes available to visiting gnomes and halflings (the room is too small for the larger races). He welcomes all visitors to browse his library, and has special tables set aside if they wish to spend time copying the works in his library. He does not lend maps without a sizable amount of collateral.

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The Way North

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